Meet The Flock

I have been pushing back posting anything for a while now, wanting it all to be just right. I finally, thanks to support from my husband and others, decided to just post something. So here it is, my flock of 5 urban chickens:
Meet the Flock

When I posted this on my Facebook page I got an excellent question that I thought I’d include the answer too here. What is the difference in the color of the eggs? Here’s the photo, explaining it:
5 Eggs


  • Sarah says:

    I’m glad to discover your blog and your Pinterest page today! We, too, have a Welsummer. She is incredibly and pointlessly loud, and doesn’t seem to have the social smarts as some of our other birds–though she bullied her way to the top of the pecking order. Being an urban chicken-keeper with only a small flock and not more than one of each breed, I’m always curious whether the personality traits we see are generalizable to the breed, or particular to the individual. What is your Welsummer like? We’ve promised ourselves never to get another Welsummer, but we might be pursuaded otherwise. Have you had a good experience?

    • Natalie says:

      We actually just got two Welsummer chicks because we like the one we have so much. I have come to realize after talking to a lot of chicken people that no matter the breed the top chicken in the pecking order she’s going to be loud and bully the others. Our top chicken is a Delaware, before that it was a Speckled Sussex, I have the same opinion of our Delaware as you do of your Welsummer, she’s LOUD, she even tries crowing sometimes. But when I talk to other people who have Delawares they don’t seem to be as loud or as obnoxious as ours is. I do think it also has something to do with there being no rooster in the mix. Our Barnevelder does some of the rooster top chicken work too (alerting to danger, calling when she finds food, pecking others when they get in her way) she doesn’t get picked on by the top chicken (the Delaware), both seem to be just fine with putting the Welsummer in her place.

      Our Welsummer has changed over the last year, she use to be skittish and aloof but now she just comes right up to us if we are doing something in the area and now lets us pick her up and or pet her if she’s close. She was a bit of a pain as a younger chick because she would forage and explore more then any of our other chicks, leading her to get in trouble escaping. Overall though she’s a good layer of wonderfully colored eggs and doesn’t make that much noise unless there’s a reason for it (unlike our Delaware who thinks it’s a good idea to make noise anytime she feels like it!) Our 2 new Welsummers seem to be the same way she was as a chick, skittish and aloof.

      Thank you for checking out my blog and Pinterest page! I enjoyed checking out yours as well. Keep in touch.

  • Sarah says:

    Interesting point about top chickens being louder, Natalie. I still think our Welsummer is louder than the former top chicken, but she was pretty noisy too.

    I tend to think the Welsummer might have some anxiety issues. She can’t focus too long on foraging because she is so worried about what the others might be finding. She’s generally skittish. And, she’s awful about alerting for predators. Even now, the former top chicken (a delightfully socially oriented Barred Leghorn) is the one that calls the alarm, while the Welsummer runs wildly for cover.

    Her eggs are definitely gorgeous, though, as is her coloring!

    I just noticed that you say you’re from Millbrae–just up the road from us here in Redwood City. Any suggestions for where to source young chicks? We purchased our two batches from Half Moon Bay Feed and Fuel, but will look elsewhere in the future due to issues with sexing and illness.

    (Apologies if this is a repeat comment; I tried to submit it, but a failure page popped up and the comment disappeared.)

    • Natalie says:

      That sounds like our Delaware, she’s a LOT louder then our former head chicken, as well as being a bit food crazy. Our Barnevelder is the same way as your Barred Leghorn, she’s now our oldest chicken. It should be interesting when our Barred Rock gets older, because I think she’s going to take on our top chicken. How old is your Welsummer? Because I noticed a change in ours when she was around 1 1/2 old.

      I too had the same problem with Half Moon Bay. I have found some places further away that carry chicks but nothing on the Peninsula, so far. Majority are North or East of us. I’ll post my list of places I’ve found chicks in the next few day’s. I’ve tried the more expensive chicks (from the places north of us) the 1st time around and there was no difference from the one’s I got the 2 and this 3rd time around.

      You are close by let me know if you’d be interested meeting up sometime to swap stories and learn from each other.

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